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Published: 30-Apr-2020

The Orom Graphite Project (Uganda)

The Orom Graphite Project is a jumbo-flake graphite project located in north-eastern Uganda which has undergone several phases of exploration since its inception in 2014.

Orom Graphite Project Background

The Orom Graphite Project is a jumbo-flake graphite project located in north-eastern Uganda which has undergone several phases of exploration since its inception in 2014. A prominent mountain range dominates the project area which was historically explored for copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) in the 1960s by Mr Morton, an English geologist. This is when the first occurrences of graphite were discovered but the potential was never fully explored. MINROM performed a mapping programme within the project area in 2014/2015 and the project has since seen further exploration phases including aerial geophysical surveying, trenching and scout exploration drilling. A change of project ownership in 2019/2020 kickstarted additional exploration drilling performed by MINROM, which is currently underway and will result in the declaration of a JORC compliant Resource.

Project Geology & Mineralisation

The Geology of the project area is dominated by the Neoproterozoic West Karamoja Group. This Group consists predominantly of basic granulites, garnet-bearing granulites and graphitic granulites. The Neoarchean Amuru Group consisting of gneisses and amphibolites underlies the West Karamoja Group. The Neoproterozoic West Karamoja Group was overthrusted onto the Neoarhean Amuru Group during the Pan-African Orogeny, creating the allochthonous klippe structures. Intrusive bodies are scattered throughout the area. The graphite mineralisation is understood to be a product of the metamorphism of former carbonaceous shales.

MINROM’s Involvement in the Orom Graphite Project

Surface mapping and sampling

MINROM performed a Phase 1 surface mapping and sampling programme in July 2015 across the exploration license, with the aim of mapping the graphite-bearing units and describing the local lithologies in full detail.

Diamond drilling and sampling

The results of the mapping were so promising that an initial 600 m of diamond drilling and sampling was initiated in August 2015, with the primary aim of determining the in-situ graphitic carbon grades and associated mineral occurrences.

Electro-magnetic geophysical survey and trenching

The full potential of the deposit was still being defined as much of the project area is covered by thick vegetation. To define target areas a VTEM™ Electro-magnetic geophysical survey was performed in May of 2016 by Geotech. The survey totalled 1078 km of geophysical lines and resulted in numerous large, well-developed, geophysical anomalies being identified across the licence area. These anomalies were systematically investigated in a follow-up Phase 4 trenching programme.

Exploration diamond core drilling, logging and sampling

Currently in 2020, MINROM is managing the 5th phase of exploration on the project (Phase 5). This phase includes the set-up of an exploration camp, drilling of a water borehole and a total of 1800 m of exploration diamond core drilling, logging and sampling. The aim of this drilling programme is to quantify the mineralisation in the weathered zone of the graphitic gneiss unit. Due to the weathered nature of the lithologies in this tropical terrain, MINROM opted for Triple Tube drilling to maximise core recoveries in the mineralised units.

MINROM is also implementing a new approach to digital logging on the Orom Graphite Project, which ensures greater accuracy in quantifying the geotechnical and mineralogical characteristics of the drill core.

Working towards the outcomes of the Orom Graphite Project

MINROM is currently excitedly working towards the outcome of this project especially because previous metallurgical test work and optical microscope work revealed that the graphite deposit can be characterised as a Jumbo and large flake deposit. The material is also mostly free dig material suggesting low cost mining operations. At the end of the current phase MINROM will declare and report a JORC compliant resource on the project in August 2020 for the London listed entity.

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