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Ground Water Exploration Services

Hydrology exploration services

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The MINROM Hydro division of MINROM Consulting specialises in the detection, quantification, and management of water resources. Our expertise in hydrogeological and aquifer modelling will ensure the long-term successful management of water resource projects. MINROM Hydro combines our vast geological knowledge with our experience in hydrogeological processes and investigations, ensuring we can deliver solutions specific to the client’s requirements.

  • Water borehole drilling

    Drilling to obtain water strikes and intercept underground water sources and aquifers.

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  • Groundwater exploration

    Determining where to drill for water, site drill holes, and aquifer mapping, using geophysics and structural geology to determine locations with the best chance of striking water.

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  • Groundwater management

    Testing, monitoring and managing the quality of the water and managing the amount of water that can be sustainably extracted.

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  • Pump testing

    Determining the water yield, quality and pumpability. Testing the sustainability of pumping water and the volume that will be obtained.

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  • Mine dewatering

    Studies on sources, flows, and extents of water on a mining operation. Also determining the optimal methods of managing and dewatering the mine so it can be safely and legally operated.

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  • Soil geochemistry

    Soil sampling and soil chemistry testing for environmental investigations and agriculture.

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  • Agricultural drone surveys

    Monitoring the health and growth of your crops using drones to survey the agricultural area.

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  • NDVI crop analysis

    Drone survey imagery can be processed to provide colour maps of the crops showing vegetation's health.

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