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MINROM has the skills and expertise to transform a mineral resource into a viable project. Most project failures are due to a poor understanding of the geological and geo-metallurgical risks. MINROM can help you mitigate these risks. With our impressive record of successfully executing mineral exploration programmes, we have earned our reputation as a leading mineral exploration consulting firm in Africa.

  • Geological desktop

    Geological desktop studies are the compilation and analysis of all existing relevant data sets and are generally used to identify target areas for additional exploration. This is an extremely cost-effective risk reduction tool which provides an initial, yet comprehensive, overview of the project’s potential.

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  • Geospatial analysis & remote sensing

    Analysing all spatial data allows for patterns and trends to be identified. This aims at identifying or refining exploration targets and typically includes: spectral image manipulation, satellite imagery interrogation, basin and topographical analysis, regional and structural trend analyses, and spatial querying.

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  • Geological investigations (Mapping)

    Geological mapping is the basis for all geological interpretations and allows for predictions to be made. It includes identifying rock types, contacts, age relations, structural patterns, orientations, mineral assemblages etc.

     Geological investigations

  • Due diligence

    One of the biggest risks to a project is not understanding the quality of the geological data and any associated geological risks. Mitigate those risks with an independent geological due diligence investigation.

     Due diligence investigations

  • Geophysics

    Geophysics assists in understanding the subsurface geology. Invasive and non-invasive surveys can be performed. Commonly used techniques are: gravity, magnetics, electromagnetic methods (VTEM & SKYTEM), ground penetrating radar (GPR), resistivity, induced polarisation (IP) etc.

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  • Land surveying

    Spatial survey in which the topography is measured and a DEM and/or DTM of the land surface with contours is produced. Features of note are generally also recorded such as buildings, roads, railway lines, etc.

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  • 3D geological modelling

    This is the method of creating computerised models of the geological units or the orebody being investigated. These 3D models allow for detailed understanding of the geology, quantification and volumetric, predictions, and estimations.

     3D geological modelling

  • Project management

    Planning, organising, executing, controlling, and monitoring geological projects. Good project management means all the objectives are achieved.

     Project management

  • Exploration scoping

    A proper exploration strategy should dictate all exploration programmes. Developing an exploration strategy and then scoping the different phases of the project can make the difference between project success or failure.

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  • Geochemistry

    Chemical principles are applied to deepen the understanding of the geology. Soil sampling and other forms of chemical analysis are used to determine compositional patterns, relationships and correlations. This assists in geological target generation and/or refinement.

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  • Competent Person's Reports (CPR)

    This is geological reporting according to international reporting codes such as SAMREC, JORC, NI 43-101. Competent Person's Reports are comprehensive technical documents detailing all geological work performed on a project and are typically used as a requirement for companies listed on the stock exchange.

     Competent Person Reporting

  • Drilling management

    Exploration and mine drilling are used to identify mineralisation. Drilling is the best way to properly understand the subsurface geology. MINROM has extensive experience in planning, managing, and executing drilling programmes, including percussion drilling, reverse circulation (RC), and diamond drilling (core).

     Drilling management

  • Prospecting & mining rights

    Development, preparation, compilation, and submission of prospecting and mining right applications. MINROM can assist with applications for South African as well as all SADC countries.

     Prospecting & mining rights


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