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Geological development of a defined resource doesn’t stop just because initial exploration has been completed. MINROM has experience in all aspects of mine geology from block modelling and resource estimations, to sampling and grade control and all mineral resource management (MRM) functions. MINROM’s aim is to mitigate risks in mining geology through proper planning, development and management of resources.

  • Sampling & grade control

    Misclassification of ore, poor grade information, and errors in estimations can result in millions of lost revenue. The need for representative sampling procedures in open-pit mining is increasingly important in all mining industries. Proper grade control allows for precise mine planning and ensures ore and waste are reporting correctly.

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  • Due diligence

    One of the biggest risks to a project is not understanding the quality of the geological data and any associated geological risks. Mitigate those risks with an independent geological due diligence investigation.

     Due diligence investigations

  • Block models

    Culmination of all the geological and sampling data into a block model allows for grade estimations and distributions to be reported. Block models allow for resource reporting, mine design and pit optimisation, and are the basis for most mining engineering processes.

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  • Stockpile control

    Managing the stockpile and discard dump movement, loading, storage, and blending, can be the key to maximising ore sales revenue. Properly managed stockpiles allow for reconciliations and optimisation.

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  • Mining works programme

    Development, compilation, and submission of mining works programmes (MWP) in accordance with the requirements from the South African Department of Mineral Resources (DMR).

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  • Resource statements

    Reporting mineral resources according to SAMREC, JORC, NI43-101 reporting codes. Fit-for-purpose resource and mineralisation statements and estimations for small-scale miners.

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  • Mine surveys

    Qualified mine surveys, drone surveys (photogrammetry and LIDAR), coordinate system conversions, mine reconciliations and stockpile volumetrics.

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  • Prospecting & mining rights

    The development, preparation, compilation, and submission of prospecting and mining right applications. MINROM can assist with applications for South African as well as all SADC countries.

     Prospecting & mining rights


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