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Enquêtes de diligence raisonnable en matière géologique

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Enquêtes de diligence raisonnable en matière géologique

L'un des plus grands risques pour un projet est le manque de compréhension de la qualité des données géologiques et de tout risque géologique associé. Atténuez ces risques en menant une enquête géologique indépendante.

The goal of a Geological Due Diligence

The goal of a geological due diligence is to validate and verify all the claims made about a specific deposit. This is a very important step when looking at acquiring a geological or mining project. If you have any doubts about whether it is worth the expenditure, think of the Bre-X scandal which changed the world of mining and reporting.

Before making any mining or exploration investment, big or small, and before making any final decisions, a proper due diligence must be performed. Decision makers need to ensure the data they are basing their decision on is accurate, truthful and that it represents the project in a realistic manner.

What can you expect from a geological due diligence investigation?


During the due diligence process calculations regarding the quantity of mineral resources, the method of estimation and the classification of the resources declared are checked. The answers from the due diligence will either instil confidence into the investor or ring warning signs, potentially saving the investor millions. For the investor to go ahead with a project without a proper understanding of the geology and resource estimation would be a major risk.

  • Independent due diligence of exploration projects and operating mines
  • Technical geological due diligence
  • Review of mineral tenement status
  • Mineral Resource Audit report
  • Audit sampling databases, geological models and resource statements
  • Identify resource risks and opportunities
  • Project review & ranking for proposed investors (NPV, IRR, other criteria)



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