Обучающие курсы по геологии

Обучающие курсы по геологии

Общие и индивидуальные обучающие курсы по геологии

МИНРОМ предлагает обучающие курсы по геологоразведке и горной геологии. Курсы основаны на отраслевых стандартах и практических принципах. Наши учебные программы разработаны специально для Ваших требований. Программы обучения предназначены для студентов, аспирантов-геологов, представителей мелко-масштабной горнодобывающей промышленности и геологоразведчиков.

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Обучающие курсы МИНРОМ

  • Geostatistical Mineral Evaluation

    This course covers a range of practical and technical skills in mineral estimation. It covers the basics of geospatial statistics (geostats) and then goes into detailed geospatial analyses, data processing, variography and estimations. No prerequisite statistical skills are required.

  • Mining 101 for Geologists

    The participants learn the basic concepts of surveying, from setting up and using the differential survey instrument (Leica, Trimble, Total station) through to plotting, calculating and modelling survey data.

  • Drilling for Geologists

    This course teaches the fundamental processes that are involved in drilling (types, methods, techniques, operation, etc). The participants will also learn how to effectively identify how to plan drillholes and manage all aspects of a drilling project.

  • Geological Databases: Set-up & Management

    This course focuses on collecting, evaluating, standardising, validating, storing and securing geological and spatial data. Your geological data is your asset: learn how to use and protect it.

  • Drilling Logging & Sampling

    This course covers everything to do with logging and sampling of drill core, RC rock chips and percussion chips. This includes recovery, alteration, lithological, mineralisation and geotech (RQD) logging, as well as sampling protocols and extraction techniques.

  • 3D Geological Modelling

    This course will train the participants on the fundamentals of geological modelling, focussing on the techniques, methods, best practice principles and quality of the geological model. Micromine™ software is used as the primary software, however, the pros and cons of other softwares are also discussed.

  • GIS & Remote Sensing

    The course exposes the learner to using real life generated field data to create geological maps, sections, grids and various vector and raster data outputs. Attendees will also learn how to obtain, manipulate and process imagery (satellite and spectral). Opensource software will be used (QGIS).

  • Geological Fieldwork

    This outdoor course applies book knowledge to practical geological problem solving in the field. The participants will learn how to use geological equipment, collect field data, measure geological features, extract required information from rocks and how all this information can be used and applied.


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