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Трехмерное геологическое моделирование

Это метод создания цифровых моделей исследуемых геологических объектов и рудных тел. Трехмерные модели позволяют детально понять геологию, дать количественную и качественную оценку, облегчить прогнозирование и планирование горных работ.

What is 3D Geological Modelling?

Geological modelling is a computerised representation of lithological, structural, geochemical or geophysical data, on and below the Earth's surface. These models are a way of interpreting, viewing, understanding and working with geological data in a 3D environment.

Geological models are usually represented as a framework of lines defining the extents of the model and are referred to as a wireframe. Anyone with the right software knowledge can create a wireframe; however, what makes a good geological model is a proper understanding the geology. This includes understanding the deformation history of the area, past and current stress fields, where thermal and hydraulic processes that affected rocks, faults planes and movement directions, fractures and so on.

Why develop a 3D Geological Model?


Geological models enable us to completely capture the essential characteristics of a deposit including its size, shape, extents, orientation, internal and external deviations, grade properties, and so on. The list of what can be constructed or captured in a 3D geological model is almost endless.

  • Construction of 3D geological models (wireframing)
  • Validating geological databases/models
  • 3D interpretation of geological data
  • Construction of geological databases
  • Querying geological databases/models
  • Mineral resource estimation & Mineral resource statements
  • Creating block models
  • Resource evaluation
  • Depleting, editing, updating, resolving geological models & block models
  • All manipulation of 3D geological data

In short, geological models take all the complex geological data and interpret it into a usable form. At MINROM we understand the value of first-rate 3D geological models and we know how to build them.


Трехмерное геологическое моделирование. Фото и видео


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